Welcome to CYFOR

CY4OR Legal has rebranded as CYFOR.

Put your trust in a reputable company with a proven track record in providing digital forensics, eDisclosure and cyber security expertise to the legal, corporate, law enforcement and private sectors.

CYFOR is a global services firm providing extensive knowledge and expertise in digital forensics, eDisclosure and information security.

Since our incorporation in 2002, CYFOR has gained a reputation for service excellence. We are retained by like-minded professional organisations that respect our commitment to expertise in quality digital evidence.

Our proven forensic, eDisclosure and information security services have secured our position in the market place as a brand leader and this has been the foundation of our success and growth over the last few years.

Our success has also grown from the outstanding contribution of a committed CYFOR team. Central to the team are the board of directors – Joel Tobias, Managing Director, Keith Cottenden, Director, Beverley Fairbanks, Company Secretary with the new addition of Director, Ryan Farber – as well as highly skilled individuals within the investigations, account management and support functions.

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We write to say thank you for the outstanding work you have produced throughout the currency of this very serious allegation in relation to your examinations of digital cameras, lap tops and electronic footprinting...

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