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Having previously instructed CYFOR on more than one occasion I would have no hesitation in instructing them again or recommending them to others.

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Businesses take action to preserve their bottom line

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As the economy recovers to repair itself and the depth of the recession continues to bite, businesses are taking are far more robust approach to preserving their bottom line.   In the past businesses may have chosen not to take action against an employee who they suspected of stealing sensitive data.  Likewise, any frauds that …Read More

20th August 2009 | Posted in Digital Forensics, Fraud by

iPhones – hacking threat

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Is your iPhone safe from the threat of hacking?  A flaw in the Apple handset has rendered it defenceless against attack, Independent Security Evaluators has discovered.  Hackers can simply send a string of text messages to an iPhone containing just one square character.  Victims would see one text message in their inbox and not turning …Read More

10th August 2009 | Posted in Digital Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics by

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  • Ofcom wants to ease the pain of switching mobile networks. Good luck 29th July 2015
    It may possibly encourage feckless disloyalty, who knows UK regulator Ofcom has started a consultation aimed at consumers to find out how hard it is to switch mobile phone networks, and eventually put in place processes which reduce the pain of switching, while also eliminating “slamming” where a company fraudulently migrates a customer.…
  • Moshe's Infinidat happy to SHOUT about its progress 29th July 2015
    Enough of the cheesy comments from Le Grand Storage Fromage Moshe Yanai's Infinidat startup, which came out of stealth in April with its InfiniBox array, is bragging about its growth.…
  • MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps will BREAK it 29th July 2015
    Microsoft's 'working on a fix to this issue' – or you can go third party instead An issue with the Windows 10 Start menu means that those with more than 512 application shortcuts will have missing entries.…