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I instructed CYFOR to produce a report on four mobile phones that my client used. The report that was produced assisted in the charge alleged being dropped...

Bastian Lloyd Morris

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Businesses take action to preserve their bottom line

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As the economy recovers to repair itself and the depth of the recession continues to bite, businesses are taking are far more robust approach to preserving their bottom line.   In the past businesses may have chosen not to take action against an employee who they suspected of stealing sensitive data.  Likewise, any frauds that …Read More

20th August 2009 | Posted in Digital Forensics, Fraud by

iPhones – hacking threat

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Is your iPhone safe from the threat of hacking?  A flaw in the Apple handset has rendered it defenceless against attack, Independent Security Evaluators has discovered.  Hackers can simply send a string of text messages to an iPhone containing just one square character.  Victims would see one text message in their inbox and not turning …Read More

10th August 2009 | Posted in Digital Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics by

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  • Elon Musk's SpaceX in space race breakthrough 28th April 2015
    Change in plan for vertical-landing Falcon 9 rocket stage Pic  For the second time in a month, Elon's Musketeers at SpaceX have successfully lofted cargo into space – this time delivering the first satellite owned and operated by the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan.…
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook breaks silence on dying iPad: 'It is what it is' 27th April 2015
    If you're allergic to good news, look away now – profit and sales figures out Apple countered soaring iPhone and Mac sales with yet another down quarter for the iPad in its second quarter of fiscal 2015, ended March 31.…
  • Microsoft's cash-leaking Nokia phones rip off patents, face import ban 27th April 2015
    ITC judge rules in favor of angry troll tech biz A judge with the US International Trade Commission has ruled that Microsoft's Nokia handsets violate patents held by trolling outfit "non-practicing entity" InterDigital, adding to the software giant's ongoing woes in the mobile phone arena.…