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During my time at Cooper Kenyon Burrows, I used CYFOR computer forensics in a number of my high profile specialist fraud cases...

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The New Practice Direction and eDisclosure

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Clearwell has released a white paper co-written with Chris Dale of the e-Disclosure Information Project.  This first in a series of white papers entitled ‘The New Practice Direction and e-Disclosure – Best Practices for Complying Proportionately’ covers developments in the management of electronic disclosure in the courts of England and Wales. As detailed in the …Read More

17th December 2010 | Posted in eDisclosure by

Prepared for the snow? Prepared for an incident involving electronic information?

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In these snowy conditions that we are currently experiencing in the UK, we have all been very conscious of ensuring our cars are winter ready in preparation for getting stuck in a snow drift – boots, blankets, torch, spade….but are we so prepared in our organisations in the event of a incident involving electronic information …Read More

3rd December 2010 | Posted in Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Forensic Readiness Planning by

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  • Boffins demo 'memcomputer', plot von Neumann's retirement 06th July 2015
    Memory and processing in the same transistor Shuffling stuff between memory and the CPU is one of the biggest wasters of time and electricity inside, so boffins from the University of California, San Diego, have demonstrated a prototype “memcomputer” that has memory and compute in the same place.…
  • Surveillance software vendor Hacking Team hacked 06th July 2015
    Admins asleep as 400Gbs of data walks out the door and into BitTorrent Italian surveillance software slingers Hacking Team has allegedly been cracked by hackers, who exfiltrated some 400Gbs of data.…
  • US dominates net-security patents, China, Canada and Oz on the advance 06th July 2015
    Cisco led the pack, even before the big buys of 2015 The US, China, Canada and Australia are the world's major sources of security patents, according to analysis by LexInnova.…