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CYFOR provided a strong service and excellent client care. I would be happy to recommend them to others.

Pinsent Masons

Mitigate your business risk with CYFOR Secure

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Risk management should be an integral part of an organisation’s information security policy to protect the confidentiality of your corporate information, disruption to services and lost business costs.  The process of risk management is an ongoing iterative process as the business environment is constantly changing with new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day. With high …Read More

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The leaking vault 2011 – six years of data breaches

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The Digital Forensics Association has announced the release of their second annual data breach report. ‘The Leaking Vault 2011- Six Years of Data Breaches’ analyzes 3,765 data loss incidents, with a known disclosure of 806.2 million records. Organisations seem to be constantly in the news on a daily basis for disclosing data inappropriately. Hundreds of …Read More

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  • Flash dead end is deferred by TLC and 3D 21st April 2015
    Behold, data centre bods, the magical power of three Comment  The arrival of a flash dead-end is being delayed by two technologies, both involving the number three – three-level cell (TLC) flash and three-dimensional (3D) flash – with the combination promising much higher flash chip capacities.…
  • Mortgage data splashed all over the net. Thanks HSBC Finance 21st April 2015
    Not a hack, just a massive balls up! HSBC Finance in the US is notifying customers that it has inadvertently been publishing their mortgage data online since last year.…
  • UN: E-waste's 42 MEELLLION tonnes represents 'valuable' (and ‘toxic’) urban mine 21st April 2015
    7% is unwanted mobes, PCs, printers Around three million tonnes of unwanted mobile phones, personal computers, and printers were tossed onto the world's scrapheap last year, according to a report by the United Nations.…