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I instructed CYFOR in difficult circumstances upon 11th hour service of complex cell site evidence. Their expert worked flawlessly despite the pressure of an imminent deadline and produced a top notch report that was invaluable in my client's defence.

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Infographic: Top 10 US Fraudsters of All Time

7th January 2014

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Corporate fraud continues to be a serious problem with criminals working to find more sophisticated methods to target companies and consumers. This makes it vital for businesses to have preventative measures in place to protect their interests.

To highlight the impact of corporate fraud and the damaging effect this can have CYFOR has created an infographic to chart the top 10 fraudsters in American history. This includes well-known names such as Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff.

The below infographic recalls the impact of these fraudsters’ crimes and the sentences they were dealt once caught. You can host this infographic on your own website by copying and pasting the embed code, found below the image, into your page’s html.

cyfor infographic

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